Connection Is Key


Anyone who has done any amount of public speaking knows how important the space you are speaking in is to the success of your overall presentation. A speaker’s ability to effortlessly move around a stage and connect with the audience is crucial.

At United Scenic, we understand the importance of creating an appealing and practical design for staging at our corporate events. We recently created a set for a client that featured a seamless compound curved fabric wall. The ability to have a giant continuous cyclorama effect made it perfect for lighting and video effects. The matching upstage walls coupled with light masking ground rows to hide the up-lighting made for an impressive, polished look.

Our client was more than pleased that the set actually came out into the meeting space and seating area allowing the speaker to “embrace” the audience. The beauty of this next-level design helps keep the audience engaged and the presenter connected to the group. We were so inspired by its function, that we decided to make the set a staple in our scenic design portfolio available for brand personalization.

If you’re interested in learning more about how stock sets can offset the cost of your event while still providing you options for customization, contact United Scenic today!