Design. Reuse. Save.

Corporate Staging Set Design Sedona

At United Scenic, we are always looking for ways to save our clients money while keeping a conscious eye on our environmental impact. The detailed set we created for our client pictured above is an example of the value you get from reusing a set. The design consisted of artfully sculpted foam that captures the scenic beauty of the Red Rocks in Sedona. Because of the durable materials that were used, we were able to create a light-weight set that could be easily stored for use later. Our client was able to repurpose the set for four years in a row!

Corporate Staging Pipe and Drape

Another way to reduce your footprint is to return to the basics. Some clients come to us wanting a simple yet impactful visual experience at their event. One way we like to do this is through the use of stock AV screen kits with simple pipe and drape components. We can punch it up with budget-friendly upgrades like carpet, steps, and a lectern. The possibilities are endless when it comes to refashioning props like these. We can also include ground row panels under the screens and tie it all together with a custom 3D freestanding logo unit – another great reusable item that is custom to your business or event!

Dynamic design is available to you through United Scenic without breaking the bank. We build lasting relationships with our clients by listening and executing on their needs, all egos aside. Contact us for one-on-one assistance from a member of the United Scenic team. We can’t wait to learn more about your business and the unique, scenic needs you may have for your next event!