It’s All In The Scenic Details

Scenic Design Phoenix Arizona Corporate Event

At United Scenic, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to bring creative design to your next event. Usually, the general session space at a conference gets the most attention because it is an area where attendees spend a significant amount of time. Bringing creativity and function to more than one area of your venue is a great way to make a lasting impression and position your brand effectively. This can be done without breaking the bank.

At a recent corporate event in Phoenix (at the Phoenician Resort, no less), not only did we provide polished design in the general session but we put a twist on the foyer with elements that really stole the show!

This event featured sturdy sculpted foam to look like rock where we could attach two heavy touchscreen monitors. We also built an area inside the foam sculpture as a hub to hide electronics and cords for a clean presentation.

The cobblestone/paver treatment on the floor was done using a relatively inexpensive faux finished MDF. Grooves were cut into the surface so the “stones” looked three dimensional. Real plants and decorative stone were also incorporated for a realistic finish. The entire presentation was a huge success!

At United Scenic, we never cut corners. We love to include the distinct details that take your brand over the top.

At your next event, impress your attendees with innovative design that combines unique strategy. As a bonus, you can also impress your boss by staying under budget. Contact United Scenic for all your design and staging needs!