It’s Not Too Late for Fall Shows and a Fresh Look

Bring in the Scenic A-Team!

For most, Fall means back to school and a new football season. But for those in corporate events, it is the time when we start locking down the details for our fall shows—finalizing budgets, agendas, messaging and the swirling minutia that are live events.

Reigning in executive team change orders is like trying to wrangle an angry octopus. With all the inherent chaos of live events, you want scenic to be a no-brainer. When you have a battle-hardened team of scenic professionals, it can be.

Please check out our new website and new look! The look may be new, but we’re not. It’s not too late to engage our scenic services for fall shows—we’ll turn around a quote and concept rendering quickly, easily and precisely.

For those who don’t know us, United Scenic is a team of veteran scenic experts who are dedicated to one mission: making you look brilliant! Our deep bench minimizes missteps and maximizes value for less worry and greater visual impact. We ensure the brand and message are delivered in the most compelling way possible– on time and on budget. So the feedback you get from the executives is all smiles.

Add us to your toolbox. And be sure to check around our site to see our capabilities!