The Show Must Go On

Music Festival Set Design United Scenic Phoenix

At United Scenic, our many years of experience help us to navigate the less than perfect situations that our clients can find themselves in. These issues sometimes force us to ‘ride to the rescue’ for events that can’t afford to have shoddy display work or assets that fall short of the expectations of their audience.

This past year we fielded an inquiry from our friends at Williams Sonoma. The set up for their infamous BottleRock event had hit a snag when not only weather (torrential rains and flooding) caused delays, but their subcontractors had neither the equipment nor the expertise necessary to help pull off the event.

United Scenic to the rescue.

As you can see here we were able to create a visually pleasing and welcoming area for their patrons to enjoy. The VIP cabana area was executed on extremely short notice but we were able to tie it in seamlessly with all of our other planned scenic elements.

Our skilled team takes pride in making sure your event goes as planned and looks as promised. If you ever find yourself in a situation where another company has let you down, contact your friends at United Scenic to save the day!