Challenge Accepted

large space transformation corporate staging

When we say we love a challenge, we mean it!

A recent project required the team at United Scenic to completely transform a large empty space by building individual rooms that served as private offices.

I know what you’re thinking … wait, United Scenic does that? The answer … of course, we do everything you need and anything you can dream up.

We used double-sided walls, functional doors, and ADA compliant hallways to create individual office vignettes that were exactly what the client had in mind. The biggest challenge was not having a loading dock to properly “stage” our materials. At least now we can say that we have experience building our own loading dock on the fly so we could use a forklift to maneuver the heavy walls where we needed them to go.

It was a lot of hard work but in the end, our client loved it so much they’re already planning to expand the project. That’s what we love about a challenge, it builds trust while allowing us to exceed your expectations. Let’s see what we can create together. Contact us today to discuss your scenic design needs!