Playing To Our Strengths

Set design for musical Guys and Dolls

There’s truly nothing like the performing arts to transport us to a different time and place. It requires many moving parts to pull it off and one of the most important aspects is the set design.

Once again, we had the chance to work with our good friends at the Theatre Aspen on three sets for their summer musical and drama performances. Each show required its own unique imagery and character that needed to be portrayed as well as its own set of challenges (pun intended).

Set design for play God of Carnage

The difference between how we approach scenic design for a play and a musical varies. Often times, theatrical plays have minimal set changes but require sharper attention to detail, keeping in mind that an audience is looking at the same space for a longer period of time. Musicals on the other hand usually require multiple set changes so mobility and versatility are key to help ensure a smooth performance from start to finish.

Set design for musical Little Shop of Horrors

At United Scenic, we approach every project with a creative strategy that not only exceeds our clients’ needs but also is crafted to make their job easier. Working with our friendly, experienced team is more of a partnership. Whether it’s on or off-Broadway, contact us today to collaborate on your upcoming scenic needs.